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Outcomes Driven Health

ODH, Inc. helps payers identify and prioritize high-utilization members with behavioral and physical health comorbidities.



of the US population with healthcare spending account for 50% of expenditures
higher service costs for people diagnosed with a comorbid behavioral health and chronic health condition compared to people with only a chronic health condition
higher mortality for people with a physical health condition and a comorbid mental health disorder

Sources: National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation. The Concentration of Health Care Spending NIH CM Foundation Data Brief. 2011. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Synthesis Project: New Insights From Research Results


Mentrics® Insights to Action

Enables timely population health management intervention, reducing complexity and costs while improving lives.



Mentrics® is integrating behavioral and physical health in a novel, exciting technology platform.

  • Clinicians use it to review case loads
  • Plan managers use it to identify and predict outcomes and costs
  • Payers use it to:
    • better control costs
    • more effectively target resources
    • help individuals in need




Healthcare Data Analytics Solutions

The healthcare ecosystem is fragmented and complex. Leverage our technology and expertise to streamline healthcare population management and achieve the best outcomes.


health care data analytics problem solution



SOLUTION: “Mentrics® is a really novel approach that brings together cost data and claims experience, and predictors that’s tied to this very concept of integrating behavioral health and physical health.”

~ Executive Director, Mental Health Agency



Inability to Prioritize High Risk Patients

SOLUTION: “Mentrics delivers better outcomes through how practical it is. Insight to Action is very helpful – it limits guessing, reviewing, and interviewing, prioritizes and gives you a path. How it identifies high risk patients is extremely valuable.”

~ Medical Director, Early ODH Adopter



Difficult to Manage Comorbidities

SOLUTION: “My care coordinators can easily see the barriers and help the patient immediately. We can now coordinate with our behavioral health people through the data.”

~ Plan Product President, Health Services, Medicaid Health Plan



Fragmented Care Delivery

SOLUTION: “The way Mentrics packages the data, risk stratification, and cost prediction, is unlike anything I have seen before. Partnering with ODH saves us from building in-house behavioral health management systems”

~ MCO, Early ODH Adopter

SOURCE: Markets & Markets; expert interviews; ODH, Inc. customers

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