The Sky Is Not The Limit...

Through curiosity, imagination, and resilience we enable individuals and organizations to thrive and grow in the new world of digital first health solutions and services


Product Management and Concept Design

Our Product Management and Design teams accelerate your business goals and products through a series of customizable frameworks and methodologies.

We strive to reduce a product’s time-to-market by providing innovative and consistent management principles and design solutions.


Product Architecture and Solution Engineering

Our Architecture and Engineering teams develop scalable technological solutions and products to support various business needs.

We take a platform approach with extensibility and flexibility in mind from the start, adding features and capabilities to continuously innovate and advance over time.


Data Insights and Analytics

Our Analytics teams develop your capabilities in uncovering customer, product, and operational insights using cutting edge technology and machine-learning algorithms.

We believe in actionable insights that can drive higher productivity, accurate forecasting, and a better understanding of data.


DataWorks Platform (DTX)

DataWorks Platform (DTX) is secure data management platform that facilitates data exchange between various parties, provides data enhancement and augmentation as well as various value-add services such as data obfuscation and de-identification.

Commons for Analytics Platform (CAP)

Commons for Analytics Platform (CAP) is a self-service analytics platform built in collaboration with Otsuka to enable both data scientists and business users to generate reliable and actionable insights.

Digital Medicine Platform (DMP)

The first FDA-approved digital medicine system to integrate sensor technology with medicine into a single product to provide data driven and personalized treatments used by patients and healthcare providers.