Our Solutions

    Integrative, Customized and Responsive

    ODH’s integrative data model offers customized views derived from behavioral health, physical health, and pharmacy data, as well as social determinants data such as criminal justice, housing, and self-reported member data. It features member, quality, clinical, financial, and risk data across the healthcare ecosystem.

    We are a truly responsive and agile collaborator who understands our partners’ need to have timely solutions that work in a dynamic healthcare environment.


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    Data Aggregation and Integration
    • Compatible with legacy systems and processes data of all types, FHIR compliant, and blockchain enabled
    • Seamless user experience with intuitive visual intelligence models
    • Business insights to streamline processes and support your specific goals or initiatives
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    Risk Scoring Engine and Analytics
    • Model behavioral and physical health risk, both independently and in aggregate
    • Stratify populations by behavioral and physical health risk to identify impactful groups
    • Pinpoint insights to support value-based contracting

    What makes Mentrics unique?

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    Your program your way. Personalized service model, agile cloud-based technology and an expert team that stays engaged through implementation, execution and mastery by your team.

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    Real-time 360o healthcare view based on aggregation and integration of behavioral, physical, social determinants, pharmacy, ADT and other health factors data.

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    Uniquely identifies unanticipated high-utilizers through forward-looking cost trend analysis and three proprietary behavioral, physical and comorbidity risk scores.

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    Easy, intuitive application with single view for tailored case finding, automated high-yield insights to action, notifications and flags to ensure timely, personalized healthcare services.

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    Transforms your vision into results. ODH advisory services and analytics provide insights into strategies for improving risk-based reimbursement, more efficient use of resources, risk-adjusted provider contracting and lower cost of care.

    Top 3: Key Differentiators

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    Personalized Service Model

    Achieve the "gain" without the "pain." Mentrics was built to fit into your business so you get maximum benefit with minimal disruption.

    • Full interoperability with existing IT systems
    • Adapts and integrates with your business logic, operational teams and workflows
    • Agile technology and expert resources to deploy new solutions 
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    Insightful Care
    Management Tools

    With Mentrics care managers easily find and assist the right members in the best way. No more multiple logins or unhelpful unwieldy lists.

    • Intuitive application with single sign-on
    • Proprietary algorithms filter and highlight impactable individuals
    • Easy to run pre-programmed and ad hoc reports
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    Predictive Analytics
    that Improve Results

    Data may be a commodity - what we do with it is not.

    • Three proprietary risk-scores – behavioral health, physical health and comorbidity – for targeted healthcare coordination
    • Risk-adjusted provider analytics for precision benchmarking, value-based contracting and quality-based credentialing

    • Unique data visualization models give an integrated view of financial, clinical, and quality performance 

    Advisory Services

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    Advancement strategy to realize your vision

    ODH advisory services bring together advanced analytics, technical and clinical expertise to provide an intelligent, practical approach to improving your organization’s performance.

    ODH is a team of responsive and agile collaborators who dig deeper into our partners’ needs to produce timely solutions that create a functional and dynamic healthcare environment.

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    Clinical Integration and Optimization Advisory Services

    Does your company need a comprehensive strategy to address improving quality and healthcare outcomes while reducing cost?

    Our 360 degree understanding of today’s healthcare ecosystem optimizes quality, performance and cost for risk-bearing entities.

    Services include:
    • Clinical program evaluation and optimization
    • Network analysis and innovation services
    • System evaluation and strategy
    • Education and training services
    • Behavioral and physical health integration strategies
    • Social determinants advisement into care planning
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    Data Analytics Advisory Services

    Are you experiencing data overload and not sure how to unlock its potential?

    Our team of clinical analytics leaders, expert in physical and behavioral health, leverage machine learning and other advanced techniques to deliver insights that otherwise may be overlooked.

    Services include:
    • Clinical and quality opportunity analysis
    • Risk profiling and trend analysis
    • Member impactability scoring
    • Predictive modeling
    • Cohort identification and case finding
    • Hypothesis testing
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    Technology and System Strategy

    Will your company’s current technology meet the demands of today’s rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem?

    Our team of experts will help you bridge the gap between today’s siloed legacy systems and tomorrow’s interoperable platforms to support integrated care across the healthcare continuum.

    Services include:
    • Technology strategy and design
    • Data warehouse assessment and strategy
    • Interoperability and cloud advisement
    • Security assessment and advisement
    • Master data services planning and implementation