Mentrics merges and transforms data to enable truly integrated and actionable care.

    Integrated Data for Actionable Insights

    Mentrics has the unique ability to bring a comprehensive view to our healthcare clients. Our platform aggregates, integrates and uses behavioral and physical health, pharmacy, and social determinants data in multiple ways. Mentrics helps capitalize on opportunities to intervene with populations, leading to significant impact on outcomes and results.

  • Member care is changed dramatically when a single longitudinal view with science-based insights become available for integrated care delivery.
  • Inserting a 360° view into existing workflows focuses care coordination and clinical resources on impactable high-risk and high-need members.
  • Our actionable analytics drive new program strategies to achieve better health status for priority populations and improve financial performance by impacting utilization, unit cost and reimbursement.

Effects of Behavioral Health on OVERALL Healthcare Costs

Effects of Behavioral Health on PHYSICAL Healthcare Costs

People with chronic physical health condition and comorbid mental health disorder…

Cost 300% more than those with only a chronic health condition

Have a 2-3 fold increased risk of future cardiac events for individuals with coronary artery disease (CAD) and depression compared to those without

Have a 200% higher mortality for individuals with diabetes and depression compared to those who only have diabetes

Need for Risk-Stratified Targeted Healthcare Coordination

Healthcare expenditure is concentrated in a small group

1% of US population with personal healthcare spending account for >20% of total healthcare expenditure ($275 billion) 20% of the top 1% group stay in that group for the next 2 years

5% of US population with personal healthcare spending account for 50% of expenditure ($623 billion) 38% of the top 5% group stay in that group for the next 2 years
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Population Segmentation and Risk Stratification

Risk Stratification

Mentrics' proprietary data model provides behavioral health, physical health, and total health risk scores.

Population Segmentation

Mentrics identifies impactful groups through clinically meaningful insights and actionable interventions.

Cost Trend Analysis

Mentrics can tell you which individuals are likely to incur an unanticipated increase in healthcare costs.

Mentrics optimizes workflows to expedite delivery of care for high-risk, high-need individuals.

Care Management Insights

User-friendly solutions to visualize each member's clinical history and opportunities to improve care.

Comprehensive Member History

Mentrics aggregates disparate pieces of healthcare data, enabling a comprehensive view of an individual's health history. Data sets may include behavioral, physical, pharmacy, ADT, social determinants and other health factors.

Alert Notifications

Mentrics proactively informs care managers of insights to actions through automated notifications. This allows for timely responses and interventions, improving utilization and increasing efficiency.

Insights to Action

Mentrics has pre-built algorithm-based filters that highlight members who would most benefit from timely care coordination. These insights further the ability of care managers by helping them focus on the most impactable members.

Provider Risk-Adjusted Analytics

Gain insights that allow you to inform your network contracting, compare providers, and evaluate your provider partnerships. Mentrics offers transparent provider-level information on:
  • Cost trends and analysis
  • Behavioral, physical, and total health risk
  • Total members served
  • Length of stay
  • And much more

Cost and Quality Outcomes

Data may be a commodity — what we do with it, is not.

    Mentrics helps define, measure and achieve the most impactful quality outcomes and financial results.

  • 360° view for medical, behavioral, pharmacy, and social determinant data.
  • Complete picture of utilization, unit cost and environmental trends that impact financial performance.
  • With Mentrics, our partners can identify strategies for high-risk, high-need populations that yield better quality outcomes and new cost of care savings through integrated population segmentation, total person care and network strategies.

Data Management

Mentrics' highly flexible and proprietary data model works with legacy systems to integrate a health plan’s clinical and financial data into a structure that supports rapid and efficient access to actionable information and reports.
  • Flexibility to incorporate available and accessible social determinants of health data sources like criminal justice, housing, and social services
  • HIPAA* compliant, third-party audited, fully secure enterprise grade data environment
  • Interoperable and compliant with all major Health IT standards including X12, HL-7 and eCQM
  • Backed by leading industry partners

  • * Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

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