Mentrics™ is the ONLY Comprehensive Population Health Management Solution and Platform for Behavioral Healthcare

Transform Behavioral Healthcare System Management

Mentrics™ software and services solution is designed to transform the management of behavioral healthcare systems.

Mentrics™ advanced Behavioral Health Population Management enables organizations such as managed care organizations (MCOs) and behavioral health organizations (BHOs) to understand the whole population, segment the population needing intervention AND manage and monitor the key determinants of health for each segment.

Effects of Behavioral Health on OVERALL Healthcare Costs

Effects of Behavioral Health on PHYSICAL Healthcare Costs

People with chronic physical health condition and comorbid mental health disorder…

Cost 300% more than those with only a chronic health condition

Have a 2-3 fold increased risk of future cardiac events for individuals with coronary artery disease (CAD) and depression compared to those without

Have a 200% higher mortality for individuals with diabetes and depression compared to those who only have diabetes

Need for Risk-Stratified Targeted Healthcare Coordination

Healthcare expenditure is concentrated in a small group

1% of US population with personal healthcare spending account for >20% of total healthcare expenditure ($275 billion) 20% of the top 1% group stay in that group for the next 2 years

5% of US population with personal healthcare spending account for 50% of expenditure ($623 billion) 38% of the top 5% group stay in that group for the next 2 years
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Population Segmentation and Risk Stratified Member Registry

Who fits...

eligibility criteria for care coordination?

criteria for a behavioral health home?

criteria for your superutilizer program?

Risk Stratification

Mentrics™ provides the only commercially-available model for behavioral health specific risk stratification

Population Segmentation

Mentrics™ enables customizable creation of clinically meaningful population segments utilizing 22 different dimensions

Cost Analysis

Mentrics™ can tell you which individuals are likely to incur a disproportionate share of the healthcare cost in the upcoming year

Mentrics™ automates the process for identifying which individuals are eligible for special programs

Member Care Management

User friendly solution to visualize each member's clinical history and opportunities to improve care

Comprehensive Member History

See detailed patterns in clinical service or medication use within any member history with our interactive Longitudinal Data Visualization tool

For example…

identify patients who need to be referred to a medical home due to high specialty costs identify patients with multiple prescribers for the same class of medication identify patients with frequent Emergency Department visits without any follow up

Alert Notifications

Highlight deviations from evidence-based care and gaps in care with automated notifications

For example…

identify patients receiving duplicate medications identify patients who have psychosis without antipsychotic medication identify patients in a transitional care period

Insights to Action

Customize care coordination actions to clinical quality alerts

For example…

Call member’s primary care provider Check on pharmacy refills Consult your supervisor

Provider Performance Management

Visualize provider performance through risk-adjusted, easy-to-use dashboards, and turnkey reports, to answer:
  • Which providers are delivering high-quality care and for which services...and which providers are not?
  • Who is delivering care consistent with the evidence base and quality metrics?
  • Who is delivering the most cost efficient care?
  • Who is treating the most high risk individuals?
  • How do providers treating patients with similar risk compare to one another?

System Cost and Quality Outcomes

Data may be a commodity — what we do with it, is not.

Analyze factors that impact your system’s quality, efficiency, and outcomes.

Examine quality and outcome achieved per unit of cost:

  • What is the risk-adjusted cost, length of stay, and readmission rate for an inpatient stay?

Investigate the efficiency of service delivery:

  • For individuals with a recent substance abuse diagnosis, what is the average number of days to first follow-up appointment?
  • What percentage of individuals are receiving duplicate prescriptions from different providers?

Data Management

Mentrics™ highly flexible, innovative and proprietary data model integrates a health plan’s clinical and financial data from multiple systems into a structure that supports rapid efficient access to actionable information and reports.
  • Flexibility to incorporate available and accessible social determinants of health data sources like criminal justice, housing, and social services
  • HIPAA compliant, third-party audited, fully secure enterprise grade data environment
  • Interoperable and compliant with all major Health IT standards including X12, HL-7 and eCQM
  • Backed by leading industry partners
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