Our Leadership Team

Our team members have decades of leadership experience in the behavioral health, physical health and technology fields with direct experience in clinical and payer settings, just like our customers.

Michael Jarjour, MBA
Michael Jarjour, MBA President and CEO
Richard Surles, PhD
Richard Surles, PhD Executive Business Development
Justin Stebbins, MBA
Justin Stebbins, MBA VP Business Development
Jimi Ayodele
Jimi Ayodele Executive Business Operations
Daniel Carpenter, PhD
Daniel Carpenter, PhD Executive Product Operations
Ayan Chaudhuri, PhD
Ayan Chaudhuri, PhD Analytics & Medical Informatics
Erin Falconer, PhD
Erin Falconer, PhD Medical Affairs
Jian Gong, MBA
Jian Gong, MBA Product Operations
Michelle Hills, LCSW
Michelle Hills, LCSW Business Development
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson Executive Product Management
David Kho, MD
David Kho, MD Executive Health IT and Data Science
Candace Saldarini, MD
Candace Saldarini, MD Medical Strategy
Eugene Sazhin
Eugene Sazhin Product Operations
Philip Wachtel
Philip Wachtel Product Management